Organize and protect your washing. These mesh bags stop your garments from tangling, snagging, or pulling in a washer or dryer.


Wash bags are especially good for face m, delicates, lingerie, knits, bras, socks, activewear, jeans, and baby clothes. (They can also be used for washing stuffed toys and shoes)


The durable honeycomb mesh ensures full detergent and rinses flow in the wash cycle.

The zip is rust-free, with automatic locking, so the zip won’t open when washing and drying. Tuck into the anti-rub elastic zip cover.


Multi-use bags can be used for home storage, travel, and cycle tours.


- Large: 50cm x 40 cm
- Medium: 40cm x 30 cm

Laundry Bags / Wash Bags - White: Large and Medium: Stops Tangling & Stretching

  • Includes: 

    Large: 50cm x 40 cm
    Medium: 40cm x 30 cm

  • Includes: 

    2 x Large: 50cm x 40 cm
    2 x Medium: 40cm x 30 cm