Jewellery Organiser Case


Ideal for home and travel storage


Is this you?


You have arrived at your holiday or work destination only to find your necklaces tangled, earrings missing a partner or simply can’t see where anything is. What you need is our Travel Jewellery Organiser, the ideal travel accessory for women.


Jewellery Organiser


  • This will change the way you travel. It’s lightweight, small enough to easily fit into your hand luggage and padded to give your jewellery extra protection.
    As regular travellers ourselves - we measured most of the hotel safes and designed this organiser to fit even the smallest safe that we came across. We added white trim to make it easily visible in a dark safe so as not to accidentally leave it behind.

    This organiser has a removable earring holder/display and zippered lined pouch for your convenience. There are extra zipped pockets to allow for any odd-sized or additional jewellery. The ring tab makes it easy to see all your rings at a glance and the ideal necklace holder with the custom tabs allow you to secure your necklaces and stop them tangling.

    Length: 23 cm x Width: 14 cm x Height 4 cm

    Perfect Travel Size for Your Hand Luggage - lightweight and slightly bigger than a standard wallet to slip into your bag while travelling. Padded to give your jewellery extra protection. Softer and easier to pack than a hard jewellery box.

    Fits Hotel Safes - Our travel jewellery organiser has been made to fit even the smallest of most hotel safes. The bonus of the white trim makes it easy to see in a dark background

    No More Knotted or Tangled Necklaces - the necklace organiser tabs ensure your necklaces arrive at your destination untangled.

    All Your Jewellery Organised in One Place for Easy Access - your jewellery is easily visible on display and together with one place for super-fast access and convenience.

    Removable Earring Holder and Zipped Pouch - customise your organiser to suit your needs. There are two extra pouches for a watch, pearl necklaces and any extra odd-shaped jewellery, plus a ring holder to secure and display your ring