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Updated: Nov 12, 2018

You are in the shop desperately scratching in your bag as your phone is ringing. Or you need to pay and can't find your wallet. Or you need your car keys in a rush and they are no where to be found. Then the Handbag Insert: 2in1 Purse Tote Organizer with a waterproof pocket by Travel-Wizz is for you!

The best thing about bag / purse organizers is that everything stays where you put them! Never lose anything in your bag again.

I'm Belinda, the founder of Travel-Wizz and needless to say a great believer in organizers. Now I can actually find things in my bag without having to tip everything out. I use mine for everything; my daily bag, my beach bag on holiday and even in my backpack when I travel.

It is so easy to just pull the whole thing out and move it across to you next bag / backpack / beach bag etc, without the risk of leaving any essentials behind.

Having chatted to a few of my friends who have the same love of travel and organisational issues I have, we decided to customise a few things on our organizer:

1. We made sure that we used superior felt. Felt holds its shape in turn giving shape to your less sturdy bags / totes and does not scratch so you can put your glasses or your sunglasses straight into the organizer.

2. The additional insert is secured into place with velcro strip and has a solid base of its own. This means that smaller items placed into this part of the insert won't fall through the bottom and roll around the insert. It also allows you to use this smaller insert on it's own in smaller barrel bags.

3. We've all had that leaking pen or cream or lipstick..... so a waterproof pouch with a zip has been added to remove any worry of this happening to you.

4. I personally use a mini tablet but most of my friends have a standard size, so the back pocket was adjusted especially to accommodate these. We also added an extra phone pocket for large phones.

Why beige? After much research is would seem that this is the most popular colour for felt inserts. It's neutral and the light colour makes it easy for you to locate it and your things in dark lined bags. (I know this from hunting for my black phone in my black bag....)

So there you have it, this little gem will change the way you move:

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