How to Fold & Pack a Suit for Traveling By William Prector / Suit, Travel

Some handy tips to add to: The Complete Travel Packing Checklist & The Best Tips For Packing

Fold & Pack a Suit Jacket

Folding the suit jacket shirt-style is one of the most popular and simple ways to pack a suit jacket.

However, this method has a major drawback; it leaves some wrinkles since the jacket is folded vertically and horizontally.

But in any case, it is still quite efficient and saves up space in the suitcase.

The steps to follow are:

1. Lay the jacket flat with its back facing towards the ceiling.

2. Take the jacket's left shoulder and fold it through the middle of the suit's seam.

3. Now take the other shoulder (right) and turn it inside out, creating a space to tuck the left shoulder.

4. Tuck the left shoulder, folding the suit halfway vertically.

5. Next, make another fold, but this time halfway horizontally.

6. Take the folded suit jacket and put it in a plastic bag, which dry cleaners often use. This will help keep it from rubbing against other clothing articles and things in your suitcase.

Fold & Pack the Suit Pants

Before you pop your suit jacket into your suitcase, set it aside while you begin folding your pants.

· Spread the pants on a surface (best if it's flat) by folding them on the crease (lengthwise).

· Take the previously folded jacket and place it straight in the center of the pants.

· Bring the ankles of the suit pants up and across the jacket.

· Move the suit pants' waist across the bottom of the pants' bottom and the jacket.

· Put your bundle inside another dry cleaner bag or another plastic bag.

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