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Travel-Wizz is an online travel accessories store. We specialise in creating quality products to improve the way you travel - whether it be holiday, your daily commute or that epic trip, we get it.

Our products are designed and created by seasoned travellers who appreciate and understand how the small things can make a huge difference to the way you travel.

Our Handbag Insert: is a game changer for travel. Your passport, ticket, wallet, headphones, cream, book etc at your finger tips. This purse tote organizer with a customized waterproof pocket, will revolutionise the way you move. No more scratching in your bag!

Tangled necklaces? Missing earrings?

Can't find what you are looking for?

Our Travel Jewelry Organizer sorts, secures and displays all your jewelry. The pouch is light and padded - the ideal size for your hand luggage!

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